Hemavan Tärnaby Airport (HMV)

Hemavan Tärnaby Airport (HMV)

You are never far away from Hemavan Tärnaby - no matter where you come from! Hemavan is completely unique due to the fact that it is the only ski resort in Sweden that has an airport in the middle of the village, only a few minutes’ walk from ski slopes and accommodation. From Arlanda it takes about 2 hours and you can choose almost any day you want to go, as it offers departures six days a week.

Hemavan Tärnaby is northern Sweden's largest ski resort with about 40 runs and offers outstanding skiing for both families and friends in fantastic mountain surroundings. Its location in Västerbottensfjällen gives a high guarantee of snow, therfore Hemavan and Tärnaby have everything that is required to be classified as a cross-country paradise and more. There are 40 km of prepared, electrically illuminated tracks and an almost unlimited number of winter trails. Kungsleden has its official starting point in Hemavan, just a few hundred meters from Hemavans Högfjällshotell. Hemavans milspår at Kobåset is a powerful experience in a magnificent nature. Hemavan Tärnaby offers many miles of stacked snowmobile trails that lead you straight out onto the mountain ranges, where you enjoy nature and maybe you will find a place to fish on one of our mountain lakes.

During the summer it is popular with mountain hiking along the world-famous Kungsleden, fishing and the nature of the mountains that attract most visitors. The most famous trail is Kungsleden and one of the highlights is to hike through the mighty Syterskalet. Why not put in an extra day to make a trip to the peak of Västerbotten's highest mountain, Norra Sytertoppen, 1 768 meters above sea level. But keep in mind that in Hemavan Tärnaby there are many, many more hiking trails and excursion destinations for both big and small mountain hikers.

Lush mountain slopes, magnificent mountain ranges, high mountain peaks and deep lush valleys. The Swedish mountains are as fantastic in any season, and there is always many activities to choose from, whether you hike on your own, with your family or your friends. Mountain hikers who want to experience Lapland and the Swedish mountains find their paradise in Hemavan Tärnaby.

There is easily accessible fishing for the family and more advanced fishing for the experienced fisher. In the summer you have access to stream fishing, and lakes with trout and char in the valleys. There are also several guiding companies offering exclusive fishing in fine waters.

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