Booking and Payment

Boking and payment

To book a ticket on any of our routes you may use our website or contact our Callcenter at +46 (0) 770 – 790 700.

When you fly with us you fly ticketless. Remember to bring a valid ID (this does not apply to children under the age of 12 who travel on their own or in the company of a parent).

Booking confirmation
Your booking confirmation and receipt will be sent to the e-mail address that you entered on the time when your booking was made.

Connecting flight
Direktflyg does not cooperate with any other airline, this means that you cannot book a connection flight with another airline together with your ticket at Direktflyg. Direktflyg fly point-to-point, which means that if you wish to fly further from Arlanda Airport with another airline, you will have to pick up any checked-in baggage and check in again at Arlanda Airport.

Conditions of travel Our website is constantly under development. We are doing our best to make it meet your expectations as one of our passengers. However, we cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies that may occur in departure times, ticket prices etc. if they are not caused by gross negligence or intent from our side. Inaccuracies may occur.
General information about online booking To book a ticket on our website you will have to be 18 years or older. The following tickets cannot be booked on our website: Unaccompanied minors (5-11 years). Groups that are more than 9 people – For any special arrangements, please contact our Callcenter at +46 (0) 770 – 790 700 or
Payment Your ticket can be paid with credit-/debit card and the payment is made at the same time the booking is made. 
We accept the following credit-/debit cards: Eurocard (EC), Mastercard (CA), VISA (VI).
NOTE! All VISA cards that are exhibited by Nordea must be activated to be used for online payments. Before this activation is made it will not be possible to make an online booking with that card. Please contact Nordea for further information..
Ticket When you have completed your booking you will receive a booking confirmation which is sent to the e-mail address that was entered during the booking process. The confirmation counts as your certificate of travel because we are a ticketless airline. You are always obliged to be able to show valid identification. Passengers who cannot provide valid identification are not allowed to travel..
Taxes and fees A plane ticket is charged with taxes and fees. Domestic tickets are subject to a 6 % VAT. We have chosen to include these fees in all prices.
Refunds In cases where you as a passenger is entitled to a refund of your ticket a refund will be: 7 working days for credit cards and 15 days for tickets paid by invoice. If a payment has been made with credit card a cancellation fee of 75.00 SEK will be charged.
Our right to deny transport of passenger and baggage We reserve the right to deny boarding of passengers and baggage. Passengers who, due to health or behaviour, may be harmful to themselves or their fellow passengers may be denied transport. This also applies to objects that can be used as a weapon or that are not suitable to carry on board.
Definition: A group booking refers to a group of 10 people or more that are travelling together.
Booking: Group requests shall be sent to Ticket rules: Ticketing will be made when we receive names of all passengers in the group, the names shall be sent no later than 14 days before departure. An invoice will be sent for payment 30 days before departure. If you wish to cancel the booking this must be made no later than 31 days before departure.
Name change: Group bookings are permitted for name change up to 6 hours before departure
Baggage:  One checked baggage of 23 kg is included in your ticket. Also included is one hand luggage of 5 kg that does not exceed dimensions L45xW20xH35 cm. When travelling on routes operated by aircraft type Jetstream 32, one checked baggage of 20 kg is included in your ticket. Also included is one hand luggage of 5 kg that does not exceed dimensions L45xW20xH35 cm.
In order to meet our travellers’ need for efficient travel, we offer commuter tickets in the form of bundles of a minimum of 10 single tickets. The ticket functions as follows:
The tickets are not personal, this means that anyone employed at the company can fly on these tickets.
The tickets are permitted for rebooking and fully refundable up to 1 hour before departure.
The bundle is valid for 13 months from the day that it is exhibited.
There is no extra charge for bookings or when issuing of the ticket is made, not even if you use our Callcenter for your bookings.

For our prices: please contact our Callcenter at +46 (0) 770 – 790 700 or