Commuter Tickets

Commuter tickets

In order to meet our travellers’ need for efficient travel, we offer commuter tickets in the form of bundles of a minimum of 10 single tickets. The ticket functions as follows:
The tickets are not personal, this means that anyone employed at the company can use them.
The tickets are permitted for rebooking and fully refundable up to 1 hour before departure.
The bundle is valid for 13 months from the day that it is exhibited.
There is no extra charge for bookings or when issuing of the ticket is made, even if you contact our Callcenter in order to make the booking.
Commuter tickets are paid by invoice and it is possible to email your order to our Callcenter.
To get more information about our prices please contact our Callcenter at +46 (0) 770 – 790 700 or e-mail to